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coral-springs-salk-marketingCoral Springs, Florida home to well over 120,000 residents is an incredible place to start, build or grow a small business. SALK Marketing, has worked with many clients in Coral Springs, helping with marketing, promotional products and Search Engine Optimization. Coral Springs is the type of city that thrives on community and attracts travelers and residents to its food, history and culture.


Are you a small or medium sized business, marketing in Coral Springs? Are you getting the type of growth your business deserves? With so many types of online marketing services available in Florida, Coral Springs can become a place of quick growth for your company.


SALK Marketing is a small business marketing company, that can assist you in the following online marketing areas:


  • Social Marketing in Florida, including Facebook Marketing, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many other popular social platforms.
  • Email Marketing for Coral Springs businesses. Let us design, create and deploy weekly or monthly email messages to your subscribers and database members.
  • Search Engine Optimization Coral Springs. This must become a key component to your business marketing strategy. If you are not coming up on the top of google search for your business keywords, you are losing business to your competition.
  • Web Design services for your small business in Florida. Do you have a website? It is exactly what you want? Does it need an update or upgrade? We specialize in quick, professional, low cost websites that will make a difference in your business.


We invite you to get in touch with any questions. We can help you grow your business and increase your ROI for your Coral Springs business.

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