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Facebook Ads Management

Ultra-targeted advertising opportunities.


Advertise Your Business On Facebook

Some people still think that advertising online is only about Google SEO or Google PPC.  Well , there are over 1.7 Billion people actively using Facebook and ready to receive your offers and deals.  You know that Facebook is one of the most active websites on the internet, but what most people don’t know is Facebook has accumulated and gathered data about each user and you can now target your audience as a paid advertiser.   The possibilities are incredible.

Why Advertise With Facebook Ads?

You can target just about any demographic through Facebooks advertising platform.  As the #2 most visited website in the world, there is a tremendous amount of opportunity to sell your products and services. Currently 3 out of every 4 smart phone users use Facebook on their phone.  We can set up a campaign for your businesses and target Facebook users based on their location (state, city, zip), demographics, interests, likes, behaviors, connections and more.  For example, if you need to find women, over the age of 40 with teenage children, that live in a specific zip code and enjoy doing outdoor activities,  we can do that for you right on Facebook.

How does Facebook Ad Pricing Work?

You would hire us to set up your targeted ad campaigns for you.  We would discuss your business, and who it is you would like to present your business to so that you can find new leads, clients, patients, customers or sales.   We set a daily budget for how much you would like to spend with Facebook.  This is based on a cost per click model, which mean you ‘bid’ to get your ad shown in front of your competitors.  We can explain this further when we connect.  You would also pay us to set up, monitor, and manage the ad campaigns for you on a monthly basis.  We have several package options, or we can build a custom plan based on your budget and needs.



Reach your customers in the areas they live or where they do business with you. Target ads by country, state, zip code, or even the area around your business.


Reach the people who like your Page or your app—and reach their friends, too. It’s an easy way to find even more people who may be interested in your business.


You know your customers best, and you can find them based ont the things they do—like shopping behavior, the type otf phone they use, or if they’re looking to buy a car or house.


When people are interested in your business, they’re more likely to take action on your ad. Choose from hundreds of categories like music, movies, sports, games, shopping, and so much more to help you find just the right people.


The customers your business serves are on Facebook. Choose the audiences that should see your ads by age, gender, interests—and even the languages they speak.


Lookalike Audiences let you find more people who are similar to your best customers. It’s a great way to use the insights you’ve gained from your Facebook marketing to find more people who’ll love your products and services.